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2022 Planning Board Meeting Videos Involving Warehouse Projects


Can’t attend a Planning Board meeting?  All meetings are recorded and are available on the Township website.  Click a link to view a video.



Planning Board Meeting videos can be found by going to the Municipal Website  and clicking on

Annotated List of Documents Posted to the
Planning Board Agenda Since the July 7, 2022 Meeting


Timing of subdivision

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - Attorney (O'Grodnick) Letter 07-07-21
Letter from applicant’s attorney regarding need for subdivision to proceed Planning Board review of the proposal. 7/7/22, 3 pages.


Scheduling of expert testimony and public response

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - Gianetti, Esq. Letter 07-28-22

Letter from applicant’s co-counsel, Craig Gianetti, requesting that applicant’s traffic engineer and professional planner be allowed to testify simultaneously at the October 6, 2022 Planning Board meeting. 7/28/22, 2 pages.
[See response below by Scott Gross8/25/22]


Environmental Commission summary

NEW - 21-PB-25-MSPV - O'Grodnick Summary - 09-19-22 EC Mtg

Summary by applicant’s attorney of the 9/19/22 Environmental Commission meeting with applicant’s responses.  9/19/22, 2 pages.


Professional Planner testimony

NEW - 21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - Cofone Consulting Group LLC - Planner's Memo

Letter from applicant’s professional planner on anticipated testimony.  Addresses Maski letter of 4/29/22 regarding requested variances and required design waivers.

9/26/22, 3 pages.


Preliminary Geotechnical Engineering Report

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - Preliminary Geotechnical Engineering Report 08-2021

This is a study of existing soil conditions and recommendations to be followed during construction.  8/20/22, 11 page executive summary appendices, total 51 pages



Somerset County Planning Board Letter

21-PB-25-MS-MSP - SCPB Letter 08-03-22

Letter from the Somerset County Planning Board.  The application is deemed incomplete until the applicant’s plan shows the location of a county bridge, and its existing right-of-way and easements.  8/3/22, 3 pages


Letter from the Township’s engineering firm, Pennoni Associates, Inc.

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - Pennoni Engineering Memo 05-06-22

A review of the proposal by the Township’s engineering firm.  Includes many recommendations, including “The applicants traffic engineer shall provide testimony regarding the anticipated tenant, operation of the site, and impact on the surrounding roadway network.”
5/6/22, 7 pages.


Letter from the Township’s engineering firm, Pennoni Associates, Inc.

NEW 21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - Pennoni Engineering Memo (Disturbance) 09-29-22

Letter regarding “unauthorized disturbance of critical areas” possibly involving wetlands and stream corridor areas.  Requests documentation in an amended site plan and a review by the licensed site remediation specialist (SLRP).  9/29/22, 1 page


Letter from the Township’s engineering firm, Pennoni Associates, Inc.

NEW 21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - Pennoni Engineering Memo (Traffic) 10-03-22

Basically, a review of the traffic report by Kenneth Hausman, an Objector’s traffic expert, dated 10/6/22.  It stresses, among other things, the need for the applicant to “provide testimony regarding the anticipated operation of the site including anticipated
tenants, hours of operation, and utilization of provided trailer parking and loading docks.”

10/3/22, 3 pages


Revised Site Plan

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - EXHIBIT (dated 9-2-22)

A revised black and white plan showing items added by the applicant at the request of the Planning Board, including new sidewalks, reduced driveway width, increased height of a retaining wall, and bike racks.  9/22/22 1 page.


OBJECTOR #1 (Pisauro) Letter 06-27-22 - RE: 21-PB-25-MS-MSPV

Letter from the attorney for The Watershed Institute naming Dr. Clay Emerson, PhD PE CFM as an expert testifying on behalf of The Watershed Institute.  7/27/22, 1 page


Letter from citizen objector Scott Gross

OBJECTOR #2 (Gross) Letter 08-25-22 - RE 21-PB-25-MS-MSPV

Response to attorney Gianetti’s letter of 7/28/22 requesting simultaneous testimony by more than one expert at a time.  8/25/22, 1 page


Traffic Analysis Report

OBJECTOR #2 - Response to Traffic Study (Gross-Hausman, PE) - RE 21-PB-25-MS-MSPV

Traffic analysis by Kenneth Hausman on behalf of an objector.  Dated 10/6/22, submitted 9/20/22, 12 pages.


Letter from Brian Tarantino

OBJECTOR #3 (Tarantino) Letter 09-12-22 (R) - Requesting Objector Status

Brian Tarantino requesting Objector status on behalf of SWAT, 9/22/22, 1 page


Letter from Brian Tarantino

OBJECTOR #3 (Tarantino) -Letter dated 09-10-22(R)- RE 21-PB-25-MS-MSPV ONLY
Letter from Brian Tarantino on behalf of SWAT requesting a temporary hold on review of warehouse projects in Hillsborough pending finalization and approval by NJDEP of new stormwater regulations, 9/10/22, 3 pages.


Letter from Brian Tarantino

OBJECTOR #3 (Tarantino) - 09-23-22 Letter

Letter from Brian Tarantino regarding “unauthorized disturbance of critical areas”.

9/23/22, 2 pages.


Stop Work Order concerning “unauthorized disturbance of critical areas”.

For Reference SWO - B 200.10, L 32 - Stop Work Order (DK) 08-22-22
For Reference SWO - B 200.10, L 32 - Response to Stop Work Order 08-23-22 (Kerzner)
For Reference SWO - B 200.10, L 32 - Stop Work Order w photos (DK) 09-01-22
For Reference SWO - B 200.10, L 32 - Stop Work Order (DK) 09-21-22
For Reference SWO - B 200.10, L 32 - Stop Work Order (DK) 09-23-22

Notification from the Township to the applicant to stop work, including farming, on the proposed warehouse site.  Includes photos. 

Letters from Planning Board attorney to applicant’s attorney  NEW

Bernstein, Esq. Letter 09-23-22 to O'Grodnick, Esq. (SWO) 9/23/22, 2 pages
Bernstein, Esq. Letter 09-27-22 to O'Grodnick, Esq. (SWO) 9/23/22, 2 pages

Letters from the Planning Board directing the applicant to address environmental concerns arising from “unauthorized disturbance of critical areas”.  Posted 10/5 or 10/6/22

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