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Documents submitted by the applicant to the Hillsborough Planning Board.  These are the same links as those on the May 12, 2022 Planning Board Agenda as posted on the Township Website.  The list is current as of May 20, 2022.  The file names on the website do not clearly indicate the contents of the document so they are re-titled here for clarity.


May 12, 2022 Planning Board Agenda with the following links


Application Documents

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - Application Documets (12/15/21, 6 pages)

HillsboroughTownship Development Application Deadlines

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV – Checklists (4 page)

List of documents to be submitted by applicant


Letter from Van Cleef Engineering

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - VC Memo for REVISED submission 04-21-22 (4/21/22, 1 page)

Cover letter for submission of (1) revised Preliminary & Final Major Subdivision Site Plan and (2) Stormwater Management Report both dated 12/21/21 and revised 4/4/22


Drainage Report

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - REVISED Drainage Report 4-4-22 (4/4/21, 7 page report with 291 page Appendix)

Report by Van Cleef Engineering. “This report has been prepared to summarize stormwater analysis design objectives,
methodologies and calculations pertaining to the conveyance of stormwater runoff from
the tract under pre-developed and post-developed conditions.”


Drainage Maps

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - REVISED Drainage Maps & SL Exhibit (5 Pages)

5 maps: 1. Existing Drainage Area, 2. Proposed Drainage Area, 3. Inlet Drainage Area, 4. Pervious Pavement Drainage Area, 5. Soil Log Exhibit


Stormwater Management Measures Operation and Maintenance Manual

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - SWM Measures O&M Manual (12/21/21, 78 pages)

“The purpose of this manual is to provide guidelines for the operation and maintenance of the stormwater management measures that are utilized on this tract.”

Stormwater management measures will require periodic inspection and maintenance for the life of the facility.  Responsibility to do this properly will fall to the new owners.


Ecological Resources Inventory and Impact Assessment Report

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - ERI & IAR Report  (12/10/21, 23 page report with 45 page Appendix)

Report prepared by Eastern States Environmental Associates, Inc. prepared for the applicant

“This report contains detailed information pertaining to selected ecological resources of concern and the anticipated impact to said resources as a result of the undertaking of the proposed development plan.”


Fiscal Impact Analysis

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - Fiscal Impact Analysis Report (12/15/21)8 pages)

Fiscal impact analysis prepared for the applicant by Art Bernard & Associates, LLC “This report analyzes the net fiscal impact of a proposed industrial and office development upon municipal services and public school education in Hillsborough Township, New Jersey. […] Based on the findings of this analysis, and as demonstrated in the summary table below, it is projected that the proposed industrial and office development will provide considerable annual net surplus revenues to Hillsborough Township and the Hillsborough public school district.”

Note: The report does not consider costs to the Township to improve Homestead Road or to maintain roads throughout the Township with additional truck traffic.


Traffic Impact Analysis

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - TIS (12/22/21, 13 page narrative with a 55 page Technical Analysis section)

Traffic analysis prepared for the applicant by Dolan & Dean Consulting Engineers, LLC

Note: The report describes future traffic at 2 intersections for 2 hours each day.  It does not consider traffic at other times or at other locations in Hillsborough or the region.  It does not take into account other proposed warehouse projects in town.


D&R Staff Report

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - DRCC (2/1/22, 6 pages)

Delaware and Raritan Canal Commission Staff Report reviewing the Stormwater Management Report submitted by the applicant (see above).

“This staff report is issued as a guide to applicants in complying with DRCC regulations.  It is not an approval. No construction shall begin until a certificate of approval has been issued. […] Staff recommendation: Staff does not recommend approval at this time.”

Note:  A number of required documents were not submitted at the time of the review.


Riprap Apron Data Sheet

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - Riprap Apron Data Sheet (11/17/21, 1 page)


New Jersey Department of Agriculture Hydrologic Modeling Database – Data Entry Form

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - Hydrologic Modeling Database (undated, 8 pages)

Data on bioretention systems, infiltration basins, and pervious pavement


Letter to Van Cleef Engineering from Hillsborough Municipal Utilities Authority

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - HTMUA - Will Serve Letter (4/12/21, 2 pages)

“Therefore, sanitary sewer service is available. However, the Authority cannot reserve additional capacity and cannot commit to accepting additional wastewater from the project until such time that an application and plans are received, reviewed, and approved by the Authority.”


Cover letter from Van Cleef Engineering to the Somerset-Union County Soil Conservation District

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - Proof of SUSCD App (12/22/21, 1 page)


Comments by Somerset-Union Soil Conservation District

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - SUSCD Comments 12-28-21 (12/28/21, 1 page)

Note:  Reviewer requested some additional information


Van Cleef Engineering Response to SUSCD

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - Proof of Response to SUSCD 12-21 (3//18/22, 2 pages)


Cover Letter to Somerset County Planning Board

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - Proof of SCPB App (12/22/21, 1 page)

Note: County Planning Board application and fees



Letter from Chief Fire Marshall to Planning Board

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - Fire Safety Memo 03-28-22 (3/28/22, 1 page)

Note: Requests information from the applicant


Follow-up Letter from Chief Fire Marshall to Planning Board

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - Fire Marshal Memo 04-28-22 (4/28/22, 2 pages)

Note: Update with specs on large fire truck


Memo from Planning and Zoning Department

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - Planning Memo (4/29/22, 2 pages)

Note: Review of proposal by the Planning and Zoning Department

Notes:  Clarifies where variances are required



Engineering Review by Drew Di Sessa, Pennoni Associates

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - Pennoni Engineering Memo (5/6/22, 7 pages)

Review of documents submitted to date.

Note: Requests a number of things to be added or addressed. Have they been?


Environmental Commission Report to the Planning Committee

21-PB-25-MS-MSP - EC Memo (5/11/22, 7 pages)

Environmental Commission review of documents submitted to date
Note:  Raises numerous concerns about the project, including a 28% increase in stormwater runoff. 


Existing Features Plan

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - Existing Features Plan (3/2/22, 1 page)

Detailed black and white line drawing of existing features of the property


Overall Site Plan

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - Overall Site Plan (2-2-22) (2/2/22, 1 page)

Detailed black and white line drawing of the project site including colored depiction of stream beds.

Note: Includes the Office Building (#3) which has been deleted from the project.


Plans Detail

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - Plans Detail (3/17/22, 5 pages)

5 maps: Overall grading, drainage, utility & soil erosion plan; Detailed grading, drainage, utility & soil erosion plan for Buildings 1, 2, and 3 (now deleted); Soil erosion & sediment control details


Preliminary & Final Major Site Plan and Subdivision Plan

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - REVISED Plan Set 4-4-22 (4/4/22, 33 pages)

33 pages of drawings


Architectural Plan Set

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - Architectural Plan Set (12/20/21, 8 pages

Colored artist’s rendering of Warehouse Building #1 and architectural views of all buildings


Artist’s Rendering of Warehouse

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - Colorized Elevation (12/20/211 Page)

Colored artist’s rendering of Warehouse Building #1


Revised Overall Site Plan

21-PB-25-MS-MSPV - Revised Overall Site Plan L-R 04-28-22 (4/28/22, 1 page)

Line drawing of project.  The small Office Building #3 has been removed from the project.


Satellite View of Property, Existing and Proposed

Existing and Proposed Condition Color EXHIBITS 5-12-22 (2) (5/12/22, 2 pages)

Satellite view annotated to show key features of the property before and after the warehouse project.

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